7 Best Instagram Link in Bio Tools for 2023

7 Best Instagram Link in Bio Tools for 2023

Working with influencers is a great way to boost your brand’s visibility and reach, but getting the most out of that collaboration means having an effective method for directing targeted traffic from their Instagram profile to yours. If you’re active on Instagram, chances are you already know the value of having a link in your bio.

Link in bio tools is the answer! These easy-to-use links allow you to quickly create a single link in your Instagram bio that leads directly to a custom landing page on your website containing multiple links relevant to your business.

Let us know more about it!

The Need for Link In Bio Tool


When you use these tools, you transform your single bio link into a portal to a library of links. Instead of sending potential customers to your webpage, you can direct them to more specific content that contains multiple essential links.

Consider your answers to the following questions to help you select the best ‘link in bio’ tool for your needs:

  • What is your main reason for including a link in your bio? Are you promoting a product, directing people to your website, or running a campaign?
  • Do you intend to run any promotions?
  • Do you want to increase traffic or engagement?
  • What is your budget?


Well! There are multiple marketing tools for Instagram to link more than one page and content, but every tool has different features.

Let us check a few simple yet unavoidable aspects that one should look for in the bio tool.

  • Ease of use – Simple to learn and imply as soon as possible. It’s crucial to save your time and create an apt page simultaneously.
  • Options for customization – Look for a solution that allows you to customize your bio link page without coding yourself.
  • Integrations – To expand your email list, look for a tool to connect with third-party services such as your email marketing service.
  • Affordability – The best link in bio tools has pricing options to suit various budgets. Check to see if you can use a free version to test it out before spending any money.

So let us check out links in bio tools that can be the best fit for your Instagram profile!


Top 7 Link-In-Bio Tools To Boost Reach


1. Link.ie


A Link.ie is a simple yet powerful tool for growing businesses. It helps to comprise all your essential links at one junction. As social media platforms like Instagram avails adding two links in the bio section, Link.ie comes to the rescue in such situations.

It provides a link that leads to your dedicated landing page containing multiple links to drive the audience further.

Navigating visitors to these links helps your audience get on the desired p[age, know more about you, and get detail precisely about what they want to know.

Should You Use Link.ie For Marketing On Instagram?

Link.ie enables you to maximize your Instagram sharing potential. Previously, brands and creators were required to prioritize one link and put it in their bio. It was usually a website.

As the marketplace evolved, so did the need for more external linking options.

Users want to link to different social channels, new product launches, recent campaigns, or partners in addition to their websites.

Although Instagram now allows you to link in Insta Stories, live streams, and the Store tab, there are no in-feed options. Thus, Link.ie assists users in grouping their most essential links into a single, easily accessible landing page.

Otherwise, you’ll be continuously upgrading your bio and deciding which link took priority.



  • Unlimited Smart links
  • Unlimited Social Media Networks
  • Lite Link
  • Profile Link
  • Mini Site
  • Stories
  • Scintillating Templates
  • Custom Templates
  • Appearance & Themes
  • Background Images & Videos
  • QR Codes Generation
  • Branding (Adding Brand Logo)
  • Button Styles
  • Font Styles
  • Icons and Images
  • Leap Link (Link Capering)
  • Prioritizing Smart Links
  • Link Scheduling
  • Analytics


Link.ie comprises three packages, namely.





2. Shorby


Shorby is another Instagram bio tool that allows you to create an Instagram landing page to display multiple links. You can use their SmartPages feature to add text, buttons, and cards that link to any online content.

You can also enable visitors to message you via a variety of messaging apps, such as:

  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Messenger

You can personalize your page by selecting a personalized background image or color and changing the color of the call to action (CTA) button.

Like other tools, the URL for your bio page begins with Shorby’s branded link: “shor.by/example”, except you can add a custom domain name per project.



Shorby comes with a 5-day free trial to try out its features. Pricing begins at around $15 per month, billed annually.


3. Feedlink


Feedlink, part of the EmbedAlbum platform, lets you create a URL that displays your individual Instagram pictures and clickable links. Each post can have a unique link attached to it. Visitors can quickly find the photo they’re looking for in your feed and be directed to the respective link this way.

Your unique Feedlink can be added to your social platforms, such as YouTube channels, podcasting platforms, and others.


  • A shoppable feed with the ability to sell straightforwardly from Instagram.
  • The ability to change how posts appear in your link without modifying your bio link.
  • Each feed link has click-through analytics.



Feedlink is available on both the free and paid plans of EmbedAlbum. Paid plans range in price from $19 per month for their pro plan to $99 per month for their premium plan.


4. SproutLink


The link in bio tool from SproutLink provides a centralized platform for your Instagram requirements. Followers can access a shareable feed of your Instagram feed’s photos with just one click. Followers can click any picture to be directed to the desired page or product. This page requires visitors to read the content you want them to see, whether it’s a particular page on your website, a product page, or a YouTube video.



  • You can use data analytics to examine top-performing content, page views, and other post-click data.
  • As you schedule content, you can create all links within the Sprout platform.



SproutLink is available on paid Sprout plans. Plans begin at $99 per user per month for their basic plan and increase to $279 per user per month for their advanced plan.


5. LinkFolio


LinkFolio is a link-in-bio platform for all trustworthy brands and influencers. LinkFolio acts as a brand extension, allowing users to share URLs to other social media platforms and assisting you in monetizing your brand.

It gives creators two distinct advantages. The first is Collab Me, which allows you to sell your services to the audience while billing directly through LinkFolio. Here, the feature can sell anything from merchandise to one-on-one video calls. You can use their contact information to pitch influencer marketing opportunities.


Additional Features:


  • Folio-lyrics is an analytics tool that shows you how many visitors visit your LinkFolio URLs and which URLs receive the attention.
  • Cross-linking to accounts on other social media platforms
  • A built-in lead generation contact form



LinkFolio is free to use. Moreover, it facilitates three paid plans ranging from $5 per month for the Basic plan to $50 per month for the Business plan.


6. Beacons


Brands, influencers, and content creators can use Beacons to create mini websites on their Instagram accounts. It enables creators to directly link their custom shops in their bio, making it simple to sell e-books and other products. It also allows followers to purchase now from your requests page. With a few taps, your followers can quickly request a personal call, advice, or shoutout via Beacons’ requests block. Meanwhile, its appointments feature allows followers to schedule calls and payments with you.

Additional Features:

  • You can customize the font, colors, and templates to promote your brand.
  • Tracking of clicks, profits, and conversions.
  • Robust analytics generate information about the behaviors of potential audiences.



Beacons have a freemium plan that you can sign up for. It also provides an Entrepreneur plan for $10 per month.


7. SkedLink


You can use Sked Link to direct the audience to your websites, blog posts, email newsletters, signups, products, and more. It provides users with three plans: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Among the Basic and Premium features are the following:

  • Customize or select from pre-existing themes
  • Connect to Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.



Those who select the Enterprise plan pay a one-time fee to host the Sked Link on their domain name. You can also add advanced integrations.




One of these tools could be the answer if you want to showcase more than one link in your Instagram bio. You can use them to generate Instagram marketing campaigns that appeal to your target audience. However, the best link in bio tools for you or your brand will be determined by your use case and budget.

The tool you select should make it simple to achieve your Instagram marketing objectives. Giving one of these tools a shot will help you get around Instagram’s one-link-in-bio restriction. If you want your followers to go to a particular location, you can easily direct them there.

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