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7 Social Media Apps Powered by Blockchain

7 Social Media Apps Powered by Blockchain

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, with billions of users globally. In recent years, blockchain technology has gained widespread attention and is now being integrated into various industries, including social media. Blockchain-powered social media apps aim to address several challenges faced by traditional social media platforms, such as privacy, security, and data ownership.

One of the most significant advantages of blockchain technology is its decentralized nature, which eliminates the need for a central authority to manage user data. This results in a more secure and transparent platform, where user data is protected from cyber threats and cannot be accessed or controlled by any third-party entity.

Another advantage of blockchain-based social media is the concept of tokenization, which enables users to earn rewards for their contributions to the platform. Tokens can be used to purchase premium content, advertising, or other services, providing an alternative source of income for users.

So, how about we check out the hand-picked list of blockchain-based  social media apps.

In conclusion, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the social media industry by providing users with greater privacy, security, and control over their data. As more people become aware of the benefits of blockchain-powered social media, it is likely that we will see continued growth and adoption of these platforms in the future.

Check Out the Complete List of 7 Social Media Apps Powered by Blockchain


Here’s a complete list of Social media Apps powered by Blockchain that shall replace the existing applications to decentralize the powers and make more users interact with the customers.




One of the biggest alternatives to the TikTok application is an Indian short video sharing application – Chingari. It lets its users earn from their reels and videos, in the form of crypto tokens named ‘Gari’. This application is best for creators and viewers who wish to explore the realms of crypto & defi. With such an innovative concept, it took over the market of India by sharing 30% of the revenue earned on the platform with the video creators.

Some time ago, content creators had limited avenues to make money from their work on other social media platforms. However, with GARI, we are further boosting the creator economy by enabling video creators and digital artists to earn in crypto for creating and sharing their content. Furthermore, in the Chingari app, the audience can earn via watch-2-earn, engage-2-earn, and play-2-earn model.




Minds prevent fake news from spreading and provide real-time access to all the data shared on the network. Its features allow users to earn crypto rewards for contributing to the crypto network. And the money in MINDS tokens tips you for creating content, referring friends, promoting social interaction, and liquidity.

It’s an open platform where users can share freely and earn crypto rewards for their contributions to the growth of this network.

The software distinguishes itself from the centralized platforms and social media networks. Minds also prevent false information from spreading and make it easy to access all the data shared on the platform in real time.



SocialX is an Instagram-like social media platform that rewards users with the SOCX token for posting photos and videos. SocialX is a photo- and video-first platform that allows users to earn tokens for posting- photos & videos.

One of the outstanding features of this platform is that you receive Superlikes. When you receive Superlikes, SocialX rewards you with SOCX tokens from its reward pool which means you can earn tokens for posting photos and videos. SocialX plans to launch company pages and its own credit card soon so that users will spend their rewards instantly using the SocialX card.




DTube is a decentralized platform for sharing videos. It has many similarities with YouTube, making it easy for users to adapt. Many people feel that DTube is an excellent alternative to YouTube and even better than the latter. Unlike YouTube, DTube doesn’t have numerous features.

As a result, users might feel that DTube is much better than its rival, which has been around for over a decade. DTube’s search results are based on relevance and are unaffected by any of the algorithms used by centralized search engines. It functions as a decentralized video search engine.

On DTube, everyone who is active on the site can earn money. For example, as a content producer, you can receive payment based on how many people like and comment on your videos. Some of the features of DTube includes-no editing or removal after its upload. One can see who liked or disliked videos. It is possible to earn money on DTube as a content creator or as a content consumer.




With all.me- you can use social media to connect with other people and exchange cryptocurrencies while also having access to regular crypto exchange features. It’s one of the fastest and easiest blockchain communities to use, with millions of active users. They are engaged in various activities such as exchanging cryptos, gossiping, and improving the whole community seamlessly.

All.me has a similar interface to Facebook. People can view posts, content, ads, etc., and earn reward points here. You can also add cryptocurrency wallets to your account and make transactions without any fees or charges. So join the millions of people using All.me to grow their communities!




Torum is a new social network that looks and works like a mix between Twitter and Facebook. The utility token of this crypto community, XTM BEP-20, can be used to reward users and trade services throughout the platform.

Users can give gift coins to other users, creators, or influencers to promote high-quality content creation on the platform! Besides this, companies can create their page to add employees, participants, and stakeholders. They can post on their company page and share impressions using the same page.




Honest.cash is a paid content publishing platform that is open to use for everyone. It’s a blend of quora and LinkedIn platforms. Many online platforms/websites can help you sell your content to buyers worldwide.

However, Honest.cash is the first blockchain network that directly buys content from users in exchange for Bitcoins. It is a real-time platform where people can trade for skills; to learn more about how it operates more deeply, please visit our website at www.honest.cash


How Can 7 Social Media Apps Help Us With Social Media 


The main advantage of these seven social media apps is that users would not rely on a third-party platform like Facebook or Instagram for data. They can connect directly to other users through their accounts.

However, these seven social media apps powered by blockchain have one thing in common, they help us with our data and offer more control.

The problem with most social media apps is that they’re centralized. In other words, when you post on Facebook or Twitter, you’re posting to a single account, and that’s it. The same goes for Instagram and other photo platforms like Flickr and Dropbox.

No matter how many friends you have on these platforms. Your data is still controlled and could get manipulated by the people who designed this application. These platforms keep track of everything so they can sell advertising space in future ads based on what your friends might want to see next.

And that is what we intend to change. So, let us go ahead & explore the decentralized arena with mind-boggling social apps that don’t track your activities.

Meanwhile, if you find anything worth sharing, then do write to us in the comment section.

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