How to View IG Stories Without Logging into the Account?

How to View IG Stories Without Logging into the Account?

Instagram Stories is a feature of the photo-sharing app Instagram that allows users to share short-lived photos and videos with their followers. With Instagram Stories, you can add text, drawings, filters, and more to your content, making it a fun and creative way to keep your followers updated on your life.

Instagram Stories last for only 24 hours and then disappear, making them a great way to share content that is ephemeral and not meant to last forever. They also offer a more informal way to interact with your followers, as you can see who has viewed your story and respond to them directly. Whether you’re an individual, business, or brand, Instagram Stories is a great way to reach a large audience and build a strong connection with your followers.


A Deep Dive On What are Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories are the pictures or videos that vanish from your profile after a day. Content on Your Stories is distinct from that on your regular feed.

Every image or video uploaded to your feed represents a new slide in a story, which functions somewhat like a slideshow. Videos & photos can last up to fifteen seconds.

A gradient of red and orange rings displays around your profile picture whenever you post a new story. It lets your followers know that there is new content available.

You can save them as Stories Highlights since stories expire in 24 hours. Then, highlights are displayed directly above your default feed on your profile.

Users can respond to your Stories through direct messages (DMs) or interactive features like polls and stickers. Unique captions, overlays, and personalized soundtracks offer your Stories a creative flair.


How to view Instagram Stories:


The topmost section of your device screen prominently displays Instagram Stories. They are more likely to drive views and engagements because they are frequently the first thing users see when they start the app. Let us look at the Instagram Stories viewing process.


Go to your IG home screen:

When you open the Instagram app, hit the home symbol at the bottom of your screen to return to the home screen.

Numerous profile posts with a gradient of orange and red circles are found on your home screen. The circular icon indicates that the user has an active story.


Select the story you want to see:

Tap on the circular icons from the stories feed. The IG story will open that the user has posted.


Tap left, right, or hold to explore:

When a story open’s-you can tap it, hold it, and watch it whenever you want. To view the following story- tap the right side of the screen. To return to the previous story- tap the left side of the screen.


Can You View Instagram without An Account?


Yes! You can view Instagram media without any account for public profiles.It is easy to operate on Instagram just by visiting the account from a web browser.

We know, even if you do not enjoy using social media, you could occasionally get curious about what they are posting on stories.

There is a solution, but there is a procedure that you must sign in using your Instagram account. Whether you are using the Instagram app or the website. It is terrible, especially if an Instagram account was accidentally disabled or if you don’t have one.

There are a few workarounds. For optimal results, use an Instagram viewer. This highly user-friendly software lets you browse images, videos, posts, and stories from active Instagram accounts.


How to View Instagram Stories Without an Account:


Users on Instagram can see who has watched or opened their Stories, unlike postings on the platform. Additionally, neither the Android/iOS app nor the PC version of Instagram offers the chance to view them without creating an account. However, you can do it with third-party tools. The top ones are on a list that we’ve put up.



With straightforward and cost-free Instagram stories Viewer websites like AutolikesIG, you may see stories without registering an account. It is a website and you can download the app to utilize it properly. You are not obligated to sign up for it, either.

Open your browser and go to the AutolikesIG site. You need to select Stories Downloader. Its Instagram Story viewer & downloader from the menu  to access this free tool that lets you see & save any IG story.

Then, Enter the Instagram username, or you can enter the post URL of the account you want to see the posts.

Here you will get all the posts, reels, and IGTV. You can also download the posts easily. By clicking one of the posts, you will get a download option if you want to save the post.



You may see Instagram stories without creating an account using Insta-Stories, a free and simple-to-use service. No, there’s no need for you to download any apps. You can access them through the browser on your PC or phone. Simply by following the directions listed below.

Open your browser and visit the Insta-Stories website. Enter the username in the search option.

Once you get the profile, click on the Stories tab to view Stories. Scroll down to view all the stories. The best feature of Instagram Stories is the ability to save your favorite profile by clicking the heart button and downloading Stories.



You can browse Posts, Reels, Videos, and Stories using Dumpor, another third-party plugin, without checking in or creating an Instagram account.

Open your browser, and go to the Dumpor website. Type the username in the search bar to see their posts. You will get many profiles. Select the one you are looking for.

Then click on the stories. You can also download the stories from Dumpor. To download the post click on the green download symbol in the top right corner.



Another simple and cost-free service, StoriesIG, allows you to read and download Instagram stories without creating an account. StoriesIG can be used on both computer and mobile devices, so you do not need to worry about it.

Go to browse to visit the StoriesIG website and enter the username ID in the search bar. Type the username of the profile in the search field and hit the Enter button or click the double arrowhead icon to the right to find it.


The Alternative Way To View IG Stories Without Knowing Anyone:


Use Another Account

You may watch other IG stories using a burner account that leaves no evidence of your identity, and no one will ever be able to identify you. If their account is open to the public, using your burner account is simple, and you may access their tales whenever you want. To access their IG stories anonymously, however, if their account is private, you must follow them and be approved.

The key here is that unless they have reason to believe that you are the person behind the account, there cannot be anything connecting your account and this burner account.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you do not have many followers and the user discovers that a burner account with no followers is watching their stories, the user may decide to block the account as they feel like someone is stalking them.


Airplane Mode

Another way to watch someone’s story is by setting your phone to airplane mode. Your device will not be connected to the internet when your phone is in airplane mode, so Instagram can not recognize that someone has watched a user story.

If you put your device in Airplane mode-make sure all of your stories are loaded. You need to turn your phone into airplane mode, touch the story you want to view, then watch it once it has finished loading. In this way, you can see others’ stories without getting recognized.

Now that your phone is out of airplane mode, nobody will know that you saw their tale. Make sure the Instagram app is closed till the stories are gone before turning your phone off in airplane mode.


Final Thought:

Hope we answered your query about how to access Instagram posts and stories without an account. You now understand how to access Instagram stories and posts without logging in. To view posts without getting a recognized IG account- you can use a third party like AutolikeIG or any other platform to browse public Instagram profiles.

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